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A graphic — narrative design studio

to help brands visualize vision &

share meaningful stories.


Years in the industry give us knowledge and experiences to bring

fresh perspectives to every project we work on.


Various clients we’ve collaborated with. From SMEs to corporate, from startup to government, from F&B to fashion local brands.

Graphic — Narrative Design Approach

Monoponik design approach started from our early interest in graphic design, which is illustration and storytelling. In a nutshell, all visuals can be narrated and all narratives can be visualized. From vision to visual. From Strategy to design delivery. We always ensure that there is continuity between the two.

We’ve Collaborated With


Some of our other clients are Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara, KPK, Dinas PSDA Provinsi Jabar, KPU Kota Bandung, DBMP Kota Bandung, BPLH Kota Bandung, Dinas Pertanian dan Pertahanan Pangan Kota Bandung, UNICEF, Indonesia Judicial Research Society, Yayasan Danamon Peduli, Yayasan Dharma Bermakna, Air Asia, Telkom, Telkomsel, Yamaha, Redoxon, Kimia Farma, Astra Life Insurance, AXA Mandiri, Paytren, ASYKI, Shop & Drive, Amidis, Alkimy, Amoda, Bukalapak,, Bhinneka, Klikpajak, Diary Bunda, Kemoodi, Sleekr, Salestock, Brodo Footwear, Amble Footwear, Exsport Bag, NIION, SOKA, Alknown, Tusk Bag, Euck, Paperfeed, Umama, Alps Makassar, Respiro Ridingware, TERREL Sportswear, Tupperware, Aaksen Responsible Aarchitecture, Aand Company, WIT.ID, PT Talaga Unggas Bahagia, Fikri Studio, Carta Studio, MGD Consulting, Niagahoster, Kreavi, Bukku, Kiwari Farmers, shu Coffee, Hayu Coffee & Space, Takadeli Cake Boutique, Iyen Foods, hanimunfood, Rihlah Tours, Royal Indonesia Travel, The Changcuters, Gama Tekniko, SToORe, Norhouse, Albizia House, Rumah satusama, & more.

What We Do:

Brand Identity

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming Development
  • Logo Design 
  • Visual Identity System
  • Collateral Design
  • Brand Identity Guideline


  • Mascot Design
  • Character Design
  • Editorial Illustration
  • Graphic Asset
  • Icon Design
  • Illustration / Mascot Guidelines

Editorial & Printed Design

  • Book Cover
  • Book Design
  • Company Profile
  • Packaging Design
  • Poster Design
  • Pitch Deck & Presentation

Information Design

  • Pictogram
  • Sign System
  • Environmental Graphic
  • Wayfinding Design
  • Infographic

Motion Graphic

  • Explainer & Campaign Video
  • Promotional Video
  • Logo Launch/ Bumper Video
  • Narration & Storyboard
  • Motion Production

Brand & Design Consulting

  • Implementation Assistance
  • Print & Production Assistance
  • Graphic Design Team Coaching
  • Art & Design Direction
  • Brand & Design Class
Monocademy - Homeground

Monoponik is a graphic—narrative design studio based in Bandung, founded by five friends who love art, design & business at the end of 2012. Monoponik is now managed by the remaining founders, Faris Naufal & Rifqi Anshorulloh, who lead the studio & associate design team including graphic designers, illustrators, account executives, project manager, strategist, copywriter, and motion designers.

Combining the power of visual and narrative storytelling where the strategy to design output is well aligned, we help brands to visualize vision and share meaningful story, to make brands grow & stay relevant in the cluttered & fast-changing market, like today.


“Be a good partner to learn and grow”

Is our reason to keep on going. We believe that our clients are our partners to collaborate and the “real clients” are people and the environment. So, good design is urgently needed, not only to gain business profits but also to create positive impacts and pass good legacies to future generations. 

To achieve this vision, we continuously try to do good design processes by building strong relationships with our clients. We listen carefully & working closely with them to help solve the problems with relevant design solutions.

As partners, we have the opportunity to learn from one another which gives us knowledge, inspiration, and experiences. We are passionately immersed in every creative process. Whatever the result is, both success and failure are valuable lessons to make progress. We believe, together we can grow better.

People at Monoponik

1. Faris Naufal

Faris Naufal

Studio Head

2. Rifqi Anshorulloh. png

Rifqi Anshorulloh

Principal Designer

3. Imelda Yuliani

Imelda Yuliani

Commercial Lead

4. Oscar Pandapotan

Oscar Pandapotan

Account Executive

5. Angga Maulian

Angga Mauliana

Senior Graphic Designer

6. Nelawati


Finance & Addministration

7. Akhmad Nabil

Akhmad Nabil

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

8. Fahmi Zuhri

Fahmi Zuhri

Junior Graphic Designer

Do you want to play as a team?

Join us, we are currently looking for: Graphic Designer

Please send your best yet & truthful CV & portfolio to:

(PDF files max. 5mb, subject: Monoteam)

Lets Collaborate.

We love to hear our partners.

+62 857 2333 831 ↘

Imelda – Commercial Lead

WIT.Building Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata No. 458, 4th Floor, Bandung, West Java 40242, ID ↘

Or simply, drop us an email.

Monoponik is a part of MGDverse.

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Project Inquiries

PT Mitranata Padu Karya

Project Inquiries

+62 857 2333 831

Imelda – Commercial Lead

PT Mitranata Padu Karya


Jl. Otto Iskandar Dinata No. 458,

4th Floor, Bandung, West Java

40242, ID

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